How do you nurture relationships with your female friends?

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Our friends can be a huge support to us in difficult times. It is very important to nurture relationships, despite the differences that divide us or kilometers. Such friendships make sure that we are not threatened by loneliness, even when we are single.

Tell us about yourself

Despite the miles that separate us, it is important to continue to nurture the bond that is between female friends. This way, we can maintain the relationship much longer, even when we are separated by great distances. Keep in touch with each other’s lives and feelings, and ask how your soulmate is doing. This will make sure that we are interested in each other and show interest. In addition, we can respond in a timely manner if something wrong is going on with either of them.

Call each other often

Try to call your friends as often as possible. A quick phone call to ask how you are feeling can lift the mood and is sure to be a lot of fun. Friends will be able to tell us about new events and we will strengthen our bonds.

Try to make time to get together

Despite phone calls and emails, unfortunately, our bond will not always be the same as before. So it’s worth finding at least one day a month when we can meet with our girlfriends. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a crazy weekend, during which we’ll get lost and find ourselves in a completely different province. A movie night or a simple coffee is enough to be able to check on all our friends with our eyes.

Be there for your girlfriends even when things are bad

It’s easy to be friends when the other person is well and there are no problems. A true friendship, just like in a relationship, is put to the test when the person we care about is not doing well. Whether it’s an illness or perhaps financial problems, always try to be there to comfort. It’s also a good idea to offer to help them get out of trouble.

Be fair to each other

True friends are treated like their own family. So we can’t make annoyances or talk down to each other in the family circle. When one of your friends is not among you, do not talk about her in such a way as to belittle her in the eyes of others. Let’s try to be kind to each other. After all, we want to be treated the same way.

Be careful with advice

In order to maintain relationships, we often confide various secrets or burning problems among friends. If we hear a story, we try to help, but not to make the problem worse. It’s important to listen to your friend, and our judgments must be objective. Always judge the situation and the behavior, not the person. Also, don’t try to convince yourself by force. The most important thing will be to listen to the problem and give wise advice. Let’s leave lecturing or our personal opinion to ourselves. Think twice before advising someone on a very personal matter. Always emphasize that this is just our judgment of the situation and it is up to the friend to solve the problem in her own way.

Meet alone

Even though we are part of a group of friends, it is also a good idea to have a moment to meet with each of your friends separately. Then we can be sure that we have enough time and attention for each of them to listen to them. She will also be able to have more energy to listen to our stories and problems. Through such meetings, we can find solutions that we would not have thought of on our own.

Create a pleasant atmosphere

When you meet with a long-lost friend, try not to spoil the atmosphere with negative emotions or by dwelling on your own problems. Create a pleasant atmosphere that will make it easier to talk. Try to talk but also listen. Maybe after listening to the other side, our problems will become less important

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