Winter cream – which one to choose?

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In winter, skin is exposed to harsh weather conditions such as snow, cold and wind. So it is necessary to take care of it properly. There are a few simple tips to enjoy a beautiful and healthy complexion. Check how to deal with dry skin and choose the right moisturizing cream!

How to find the right cream for winter?

A moisturizing cream is the first line of defense against dry skin. It will help it prepare better for winter. Remember to match the cosmetics to your skin. Also check if there are three main ingredients in the cream. Humectants such as ceramides, glycerin, sorbitol and hyaluronic acid play an important role. They attract moisture to the skin. Also look out for petroleum jelly, silicone lanolin, and mineral oils, which help keep you hydrated. In turn, emollients, such as lauric acid, smooth the complexion. They fill the spaces between skin cells, protecting it from cracks.

How to choose the right cosmetics for winter?

Reach for moisturizers based on oil or cream. They have a thick consistency and therefore provide better protection against the changing weather conditions. If you have any concerns or questions, contact your dermatologist. He or she will develop an appropriate skin care plan, taking into account your skin type. A very oily cream can help with dry skin. On the other hand, it will make oily skin sticky and shiny

How to take care of dry skin?

If you have dry skin, look for a cream rich in hyaluronic acid. It has strong moisturizing properties. What is important, it does not make the skin oily. Oil-based cosmetics, which re-hydrate the skin, are perfect here. If you have a problem with extremely dry skin, reach for petroleum-based preparations, such as petroleum jelly. They last much longer than traditional creams. Plus, they keep moisture from evaporating. Although these products can be too heavy and shiny to use under makeup during the day. It is worth using them at night

How do I choose cosmetics for oily skin?

Even if you have oily skin, you still need a good moisturizer. Be sure to use it every day. Dry, flaky skin can lead to excess dead skin cells, which often clog pores. Ultimately, they cause acne to develop or worsen. Reach for water-based moisturizers that don’t clog pores. Swap a thick, intense nourishing cream for a lighter, moisturizing lotion. Otherwise, you may irritate your skin and contribute to acne formation.

How to care for normal skin?

This skin type usually has a natural moisture balance. Remember, however, that it is still susceptible to harsh winter conditions. A light, water-based moisturizing cream will be perfect here. It protects against excessive dryness or oiliness. Look for lotions containing 5-10% cyclomethicone, a clear, alcohol-free organic compound.

How to choose cosmetics for sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, prone to irritation, winter can be a particularly difficult time of year for you. Cold weather and low humidity exacerbate existing diseases and atopic lesions. Look for a moisturizer that contains soothing ingredients such as aloe vera and chamomile. Avoid cosmetics with strong fragrances. Also stay away from artificial colors and preservatives, which can further irritate your skin

How to take care of mature skin?

Mature skin is naturally drier. Dry winter air exacerbates existing symptoms. Therefore, look for petroleum-based moisturizers. Ideally, said products should contain additional antioxidants or alpha-hydroxy acids (natural acids found in citrus fruits and sugar cane, among others). They help exfoliate dead skin and keep moisture in check, smoothing and firming the skin

Whatever your skin type, apply your cream or lotion immediately after washing. This will help your skin retain as much moisture as possible. Remember to regularly moisturize hands and feet exposed to harsh conditions.

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