Wabi-sabi, or the imperfect interior

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Imperfect apartments is an interior design trend that arrived in Poland a few years ago straight from Japan. It is not very well known yet, but it is gaining a growing number of supporters. What are its basic principles?

What is the philosophy of wabi-sabi?

For many seasons wabi-sabi has been one of the trends gaining strength in interior design. First, however, it is worth to discuss the philosophy behind this type of decor

Wabi-sabi philosophy

It consists in finding beauty in what is imperfect. Instead of the ideal, one looks for simplicity, naturalness and modesty. It values what is created as a result of craftsmen’s work. In interiors, scratches or rough walls are not a reason to be ashamed, but on the contrary, they are proof of authenticity.

Wabi-sabi interior, what kind of interior?

Wabi-sabi interior design stems directly from the Japanese culture and values it professes. The interior should be functional so that it can be shared with others. Beauty should be drawn from natural solutions and materials. Everything in the spirit of nostalgia. Nothing can be perfect, minimalism prevails and coming to terms with the natural cycle of life and death

Acceptable imperfection

The philosophy of wabi-sabi is an emphasis that imperfection can also be beautiful. Where is the line between what is beautifully imperfect and something that can simply be considered imperfect? Wabi-sabi is about natural materials – acceptable in such interior are therefore cracks or imperfections resulting from the natural use of the material

For whom is wabi-sabi?

This type of decor will certainly not appeal to people who are definitely concerned about perfect lines, flawless colors and shiny furniture textures. It is much more likely to appeal to fans of minimalism, nature and a slightly less typical approach to interior design.

Elements of wabi-sabi decor

How exactly should wabi-sabi interiors be arranged? What should be taken care of and what materials should be used? The interior should be, above all, simple. Such solutions allow for easy care of cleanliness and tidiness. However, one cannot put too much emphasis on symmetry, because the interior should look fully natural

Natural materials

As far as wabi-sabi interiors are concerned, most of all organic and biodegradable materials are in demand. Clay, brick, but also metal and concrete are combined with large amounts of wood, which also does not have to be perfect, without cracks or knots. These should be complemented with linen, cotton and wool

Recycling is in fashion

Wabi-sa is also about interiors, where recycled materials and furniture are used. In this case, restoring old closets, chests of drawers or sofas will be so much easier, because it does not have to involve meticulous elimination of all imperfections. When we give new life to old furniture, it is also characteristic for wabi-sabi to oppose consumerism

What kind of decorations in wabi-sabi interior?

Praise of craftsmanship is one of the important elements creating the wabi-sabi philosophy. Hand-woven carpets and throws work well in interiors. Baskets and furniture made of wicker, bamboo or rattan also look great. Additionally, it is worth using old clay and copper dishes. Generally, you should bet on pots, jugs and cups made by hand, in a craftsman manner. Broken jugs are also very stylish, which you should glue yourself, giving them an extra character

What colors in the interior?

Faded greens, pastels and browns are the primary colors of wab-sabi. It is worth adding grays and darker blues to them. The choice of colors should strive to imitate nature, but also to create a coherent and cozy interior, where the hosts and their guests will feel great.

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