How to visually warm up the interior? The best ways

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The colder it gets outside, the more eagerly we see soft plaids, woven baskets and fluffy carpets in our four walls. But can the right accessories alone set the mood in your home? Use the following ways to create a warm home environment!

Opt for muted colors

This does not mean that interiors in vibrant, juicy colors can not be cozy. However, it is the monochromatic spaces and appropriately combined tones of a chosen color that are perceived by human senses as the most soothing and relaxing.

Refine your lighting system

Even the most diverse artificial lighting will not make up for the lack of daylight, but it will help build an intimate, cozy atmosphere. Take care of top and bottom lighting, use lamps with adjustable light intensity, pay attention to wooden lamp frames, as well as fabrics used in lampshades. The more light points in your home, the more light management options you have.

Choose a comfortable sofa for your living room

A comfortable, large sofa, at least three-seater, with a soft and deep seat so you can sit on it with your legs rolled up and a pillow under your back. Choose suede, velour or nubuck upholstery materials.

Provide interesting accessories

Do not limit yourself to a basic set of furniture. Decorative and perhaps moderately functional items can bring a lot of warmth into the interior! Place a display case in the kitchen to showcase glassware and pretty dishes; an elegant, patterned footstool in the bedroom and a wide, soft pouffe in the living room.

Adapt your home to the changing seasons

Just as the changing weather makes you refresh your closet on a regular basis, your home should also revive with the seasons. During the summer season, make sure you have white tulle curtains, lightweight satin linens, floral tablecloths, and colorful tableware. The changing seasons may even inspire you to replace paintings and other artwork. In autumn and winter, make sure you have soft carpets, heavy curtains, blankets and rugs, and in summer, opt for airy fabrics, vibrant colors and accessories that will give your home a carefree holiday feel.

Display your bookcase

Electronic books undoubtedly have a lot of advantages, but in building a cozy atmosphere definitely lead the printed books – if only because of the smell or rustle of pages turning. In addition, books themselves can be a beautiful element of decor, which will make the interior cozy and familiar. Ultimately, you may be tempted to have dummy books, but nothing can replace a real book collection.

Introduce the smell into your home

Few people remember about this, and it is a pity. A truly cozy home must have its own smell. If you like to stay in rooms with a barely perceptible smell, choose scented sachets, potpourri, or scented paper, and if you prefer intense scents, get a portable diffuser and a set of essential oils.

Complete your home decor with pillows and throws

Soft woolen or plush blankets can be tossed carelessly on the back of the sofa, while scattered pillows give a focal point and accent your decor.

Don’t forget about plants

In building a cozy atmosphere will help you large specimens: tall ficus trees, monstera and citrus trees.


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