5 essential bathroom accessories

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The right accessories influence the comfort of everyday bathroom use as well as its aesthetic value. Invest in new equipment and give your bathroom a quick makeover. In this article we present five essential accessories.

Toilet brush

Bathroom accessories should be functional in the first place. You should also make sure that they look aesthetically pleasing and show great care for the environment. Bathroom renovation or change of equipment is a good time to reduce the number of harmful plastics in the apartment. In an elegant bathroom will go well with a metal toilet brush in the color of white and gold. There is also a wide range of ecological – wooden and bamboo – toilet brushes on the market.

Bathroom soap dish

Details have a great influence on the final effect of the bathroom decor, that is why it is worth to make sure that decorations and accessories are consistent in style. For a minimalist bathroom, a geometric one soap dish made of white, frosted glass. The model installed by the wall allows saving valuable space on the washbasin. For a soap dish, it’s worth to choose a soap dispenser and a candlestick made in the same style

Bathroom mirror

A mirror is an obligatory piece of equipment during morning and evening beauty rituals. It is also a practical decoration of the room, because it optically enlarges the space and reflects light. You’ll find a great selection of mirrors and other bathroom accessories here https://elazienki.pl/k/akcesoria-lazienkowe/

Towel rails

A practical towel rack should not be missing in the bathroom either. The towel rail is a useful accessory, especially when the bathroom is used by many household members and the towels are used many times a day. Thanks to a stylish towel rail, they hang evenly and dry faster, preventing unpleasant moisture odour in the bathroom.

Laundry basket

When decorating your bathroom, it’s a good idea to designate a place for the laundry basket. It is good to choose a two-chamber model, which allows you to sort clothes by light and dark colors when throwing them in. Recently, wooden and bamboo baskets in a rectangular shape are very popular.

Main photo: Zac Gudakov/unsplash.com

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