A unique vacation in sunny Tuscany

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Tuscany is one of the most visited regions in Italy. Once inhabited by the Etruscans, it was conquered by the Romans and became part of the Roman Empire, becoming its jewel in the crown. Divided into ten extraordinary provinces, each with its own unique character, it is famous for its excellent regional cuisine as well as its aromatic, richly flavored wines. What’s more, bathed in the southern sun, Tuscany includes islands such as: Elba, Montecristo, Caparaia, Gorgona, Pianosa and Gilio. Deciding on a vacation in Tuscany, worth a trip to the small historic towns, whose appearance has not changed for centuries.

Florence – the delightful capital of Tuscany

Florence is known as the heart of Tuscany for a reason. Here you will find everything that is most beautiful: dazzling cities, breathtaking landscapes, world-famous works of art, as well as the most delicious regional dishes and aromatic wine. In Florence, it is difficult to find a single most important monument, as the entire city is considered a memorial. In the past, it was in this city that Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo Galilei experimented, while Michelangelo and Sandro Botticelli created their masterpieces.

When planning vacations in Tuscany, visit the Church of Santa Maria Novella, whose construction was inaugurated in the 13th century. The building consists of three majestic naves covered with a ribbed vault. Inside on the walls of the temple you can admire the works of the greatest artists of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Located under the care of the conservator of monuments masterpieces, after years have regained their former glory.

Palazo Vecchio is the seat of the city authorities. The building was erected in the thirteenth century, and its tour to this day provides visitors with many emotions. It is hard to imagine that today’s city officials conduct their deliberations among the frescoes of Varasati and Michelangelo. The Palzo Vecchio can be visited after buying an entrance ticket which entitles the visitor to enter the second floor, where a gallery of paintings by old masters of the brush is located.

Photo: Andrea Spallanzani/Pixabay

Siena – the oldest Tuscan city

According to legend, the Siena was founded by the sons of Remus, who, escaping from their uncle, found refuge in the mountains. There they founded the city, whose symbol became known to all the wolf feeding two children. Siena to this day has retained its original character. Its most important monuments include the twelfth-century cathedral, as well as Piazza del Campo and Torre del Mangia. It is here at the turn of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, a world-famous painting school known as the Sienese. Moreover, every year in the city takes place one of the most spectacular horse races in Italy, during which the riders are dressed in costumes from the fifteenth century.

Elba and Napoleon Bonaparte

Elba is the largest of the islands in the Tuscan archipelago. When choosing a holiday in Tuscany, it is worth coming here at least for one day. Built of granite and sedimentary rocks, it was in the past the place of exile of Napoleon Bonaparte. When arriving at the island, make sure to visit the village of Marciane on the Campanne mountainside, which is considered to be one of the oldest villages on Elba. Between Marciane and Poggio is the bottom station of the cable car that takes you to the highest peak of the island, Monte Capanne. Marina do Campo is the biggest resort on the island. Surrounded by green hills it allows you to enjoy the peace and view of the picturesque bay. Perfectly connected with the mainland, it is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

An important point on every trip to Elba is the Napoleon Museum. Dozens of unique mementos of the emperor have been collected in this beautiful residence. The residence overlooking the lighthouse consists of two buildings decorated in the Empire style with a beautiful ballroom and a library containing over 1500 volumes that once belonged to Napoleon. Each volume is inscribed with the emperor’s initials on the cover.

A vacation in Tuscany can turn into the trip of a lifetime, as the number of places to visit is so large that you can devote the rest of your life to it.

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